10 Facts You Might Not Know About Dude Perfect

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

If the words Dude Perfect don’t make you think of five frat boys with a YouTube channel, you’re only half wrong. YouTube is the new golden age of Hollywood, and we’ll leave it to you figure if that’s a good thing. Jokes aside, for over 32 million subscribers, the guys (and panda) of Dude Perfect are actually pretty stand up. Here’s the lowdown on YouTube’s favorite sports entertainers.

10. Dude Perfect Are Charitable AF

Giving to charity seems like a guaranteed thing when it comes to celebrities. For YouTubers, however, it’s still wild that they’re on the level at which they are. Just because they’re dudes doesn’t mean they’re immune to wanting to help out. In fact, the guys have made a point of giving back by aligning with the Water and Compassion International charity. Founding member Cory Cotton says of it, “We have this platform, and we’re always thinking of the best ways to use it.” Well, Cory, you’re doing great.

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