10 Interesting Facts About NigaHiga

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

It takes a talent to make people laugh for over a decade, but with his YouTube channel, Ryan Higa has been doing exactly that. Facts about NigaHiga range from the interesting to the obscure, and just like the guy himself, they keep our interest.

YouTube has literally been the dawning of the careers of many talents. Starting with lip syncing to songs in the mid-2000s, his comedy videos now have views totaling over 3-billion.

That’s probably a slight fraction of Zuckerberg’s cash but it’s way more than we mere mortals earn.

He’s got more than 20 million subscribers and his channel is the 33rd most subscribed to on YouTube. We just want to know his secret.

10. He started off doing lip sync videos

Starting as a collaboration between Ryan Higa and three of his friends, nigahiga’s premiere came in 2006. Posting videos of themselves lip-syncing popular songs while in high school, they quickly grew their brand. Now comedy superstars, towards the end of the year YouTube removed some of their videos due to copyright violations. Around the same time, the nigahiga channel was also temporarily suspended. Due to that, Higa chose to do the compositions for his videos himself.

Nigahiga will go down in history as being the first ever channel on YouTube to reach 3 million subscribers. Not bad for a few dudes lip syncing to Fergalicious.

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