10 of Burt Reynolds Greatest Films Ever

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Before Tom Selleck and his mustache, there was Burt Reynolds. Reynolds was, arguably, one of the biggest movie stars in the world during the 70s. He had the swagger of John Wayne and the smooth, irrevocable cool of Cary Grant. Even more than that, he had the best facial hair in the 'biz. After getting his start on the television series Gunsmoke, it wasn't long before the beloved sex symbol scored his breakout role in Deliverance. Following Deliverance there was hit after hit, with Reynolds taking both fun and serious roles. His career might have ebbed and flowed, but there's no doubt that Burt Reynolds never left the public consciousness. As a tribute, here are 10 of Burt Reynolds' greatest films ever.

10. The Man Who Loved Women (1983)

Financial failures are common in Hollywood and even with a great cast, The Man Who Loved Women bombed. In the remake of a 1977 film by François Truffaut, Burt Reynolds plays a sculptor with sex addiction. Not only has his supreme desire and salt and pepper beard interfered with his artistic ability, but he’s also lost his sexual prowess. (Fake news). To try and fix the situation, he winds up seeing a psychologist played by Julie Andrews. I suppose that as a result of the proceeding sexy and sordid affair, he’s cured?

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