10 of Jack Nicholson's Most Memorable Roles Ever

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019


There are some actors who are distinguishable from all others. These are the actors that, somehow, are able to make careers out of being typecast or cast because of their names. However, these actors are also able to act the socks off of just about anyone and take a huge amount of risks in their career. So, when we say to you, let’s talk about Jack Nicholson’s most memorable roles, what would your answers be? We’re sure they won’t be too much different to ours but also agree, there are just so many. Nicholson has been a mainstay in Hollywood since his breakout in Easy Rider. He’s starred alongside greats like Shirley MacLaine and worked with the likes of Martin Scorcese. On top of all of that, he’s also the most nominated male actor in Oscar history.

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