10 TV Stars Who Died During Production

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Hitting it big in television or Hollywood can make someone’s life. Arguably, if that’s the case, then whenever a TV star dies during production, it shouldn’t be sad. You might even say that, if they died doing something they love, then they went out on a high note. Wrong. There is no high note in death, not even in Hollywood. It doesn’t matter who a person is or what they’ve achieved; death is a very real and very final thing we all go through. Additionally, the TV casts and producers have to figure out exactly how to get around these sudden losses.

10. Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze, born Frederick Karl Pruetzel, hit it big in the mid-seventies with the sitcom, Chico and the Man. Starting out in comedy clubs, Prinze was a stand-up comedian who made his name as a rising star. And, in fact, he made his stage name prince because he wanted to one day be the King of Comedy. Unfortunately, Prinze was also afflicted with the comedian’s curse and suffered from depression for most of his life. This eventually got too much for him and, in 1977, he shot himself in front of his manager. His son, Freddie Prinze Jr., now carries his father’s torch.

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