10 Worst Young & Restless Casting & Re-Casting Decisions Ever Made!

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

The Young and the Restless has made a name for itself becoming one of America’s most watched and well-loved daytime soaps. Between all of the drama, twists, and scandal, characters move in, out, and about Genoa City causing a scene wherever they land. Though several actors have won Emmy awards for their roles on Y&R, there has been a handful who were far more deserving of being booted off the show completely. These are 10 of the worst casting and recasting decisions Y&R directors have ever made!

10. Victoria Newman

Veteran to the soap, Amelia March Heinle has played Victoria Newman for over a decade now. First introduced after Heather Tom left the show in 2003, Heinle stepped in as the new face of Vickie Newman. Fans and critics took a bit of time to warm up to Heinle, giving her mixed reviews on her performance. Heinle worked tirelessly to prove that she was worthy of filling the role and making Victoria a character true to the script but unique to Heinle’s skillset.

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