12 Amazing Facts about Brie Larson You Didn't Know

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

This week saw the exclusive reveal of the very first Captain Marvel publicity photos. What that means is we finally got to see Oscar-winning Brie Larson as the badass superhero herself. Captain Marvel will make a splash in 2019 as the very first female lead in a Marvel movie. If Marvel can replicate what DC did with Wonder Women, it will once again prove that girls can be badasses too. Larson is also the perfect fit for the character that Infinity War hinted towards. Brie Larson is a cool girl and a multi-talented one at that. If you’re not careful, though, there are a few facts about Brie Larson that might blow your mind.

12. Brie Larson is a Stage Name

Larson was born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers. Pretty as that is, we can see why she’d want to shorten it for her IMDb page. The actress has given a couple of reasons as to why she changed it; the common thread being pronunciation. It might have worked for Catherine Deneuve, but this was definitely the right choice for Larson to make. According to Brie, the name Larson came from the name of a doll she had when she was a little girl. Maybe she should have taken her to the Oscars.

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