12 Crazy Facts About Kate McKinnon

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Kate McKinnon has pushed the other ladies aside to become the hottest female comedian in recent years, thanks to her starring roles in the all-female Ghostbusters or side-splitting skits on Saturday Night Live. The funny lady lives her life pretty openly, but there are some surprising facts you might not know about her.

12. Cheese Fiend

We’re getting some Liz Lemon vibes from Kate due to her serious love for cheese, and distaste for partying. Although she’s been invited to many glamorous events and award parties, the true fun starts for her afterward when the food is served, and they bring out a big old cheese platter. “That’s as f—ed-up as I get,” the SNL star proudly claims. We’d be in on that for sure.

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