13 Unanswered Questions 'This Is Us' Still Needs to Address For Viewers

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

When the second season of This Is Us wrapped up earlier this year, we thought that we'd be left with a sense of closure. Although they answered quite a few questions, most importantly about Jack's death, there are still plenty of missing pieces that we're left wondering about. Here are the 13 Unanswered Questions This Is Us Still Needs to Address For Viewers, and what we hope to see in the next season.

13. Will We Get More Flash Forwards?

It's an interesting technique that only works for some shows out there, but from what we've seen of This Is Us, we definitely hope there are more flash forwards to be found. We've found out some fascinating things by getting a glimpse into the future of The Big Three and others, so we're hoping that we'll see more of it.

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