15 Celebs Who Resurrected their Dying Career

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Andy Warhol had a point when he said that everyone has 15 minutes of fame. Sometimes, however, a celebrity gets luckier than they’ve been already and manages to come back for another 15. Be it through natural talent or just plain luck; there’s no reason for any of us to complain about it. Hollywood does as Hollywood does. And, if we’re lucky, some of the celebs who have resurrected their dying careers might even go away again as quickly as they came back.

15. Hugh Laurie

Most Americans will know Hugh Laurie as being Dr. Gregory House on the long-running TV show of the same name. What you may not know is that he’s actually English and made his name originally as part of a double act with writer/comedian Stephen Fry. Between the two there were shows such as Black Adder, but even that was in the 80s. Hugh Laurie is more than just a modern-day Sherlock. He’s also an icon. (And a singer. No really, google it).

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