15 Characters' Whose Actors Were Replaced Mid-Show

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Hollywood types must think us viewers are pretty dumb, as they often try to pull one over on us with their casting choices. If you’ve ever sat down and watched a new season of your favorite show or a movie sequel and felt that something was a little off, you might not realize that one of the characters is being played by someone else. Put your confusion to rest with this list of characters whose actors were replaced.

15. The Mountain

Sure, you can be kind of forgiven for not noticing this one as The Mountain is just a big burly dude, and we’re not really paying attention to his face. The strong man of Game of Thrones has had three separate actors play him over the years and one of them, Ian Whyte, has also had other roles like a White Walker. Talk about range.

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