15 Facts You Don't Know About the Property Brothers

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Jonathan and Drew Scott are the reigning kings of do-it-yourself projects and helping folks create their dream homes on the popular series Property Brothers on the HGTV network. It's easy to see why these charming Canadian twins have won over audiences with their handsome smiles and ingenuity. The Scott brothers aren't just licensed contractors and lifestyle enthusiasts; they're a whole lot more. Keep reading to learn 15 facts you didn't know about the 'Property Brothers.'

15. J.D. Scott is their Older Brother

It's easy to imagine Drew and Jonathan as the only kids in the Scott family because viewers don't get to see behind the scenes of the television series, Property Brothers. However, the twins do have an older brother, J.D. Scott whose directly involved with the production company. In 2002, the three brothers started the indie film company, Dividian Production Group which changed later into Scott Brothers Entertainment. They're behind productions like The Interrogation and A Better Me.

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