15 Julie Andrews Roles We All Know and Love

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Can’t remember who Julie Andrews is? Here’s a quick refresher: she’s the one we all wished we looked like (oh, and sounded like too). The queen of elegance and grace herself, Julie Andrews is one of the most adored female actresses of all time. She has starred in over 40 films throughout her lifetime and has been the recipient and nominee of multiple awards, including Golden Globes and Oscars.  Here’s a list of 15 of the most iconic Julie Andrews’ roles.

15. My Fair Lady

This one’s at the end of the list because a serious snub led Julie Andrews to not be cast for the on-screen version of My Fair Lady, and the role was instead given to Audrey Hepburn. Julie Andrews stars as Eliza Doolittle in the Broadway musical version of the story alongside Rex Harrison’s hilarious performance as Henry Higgins. Despite only being in the stage production, Julie Andrews is THE Eliza Doolittle in many fans’ eyes.

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