15 of Diane Keaton's Roles Ranked

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Making a name for herself as the neurotic “not like other girls” type, Diane Keaton’s greatest roles are innumerable. Most people probably know her as being one of the original Woody Allen girls. Indeed, Keaton made such an impression on Allen that he created the character of Annie Hall with her in mind. When most of us think of Diane Keaton, we see Annie Hall, and that right there is why. Although Keaton and Allen worked together many times, his movies weren’t her only ones. During the 80s and the 90s she starred in movies outside of his world, most notably, The First Wives Club.

15. Love and Death

Love and Death is a satirical take on Russian literature. Directed by Woody Allen, Allen and Keaton play cousins in Napoleonic Austria. Keaton plays Sonja, a widow whose herring merchant fiancé is killed in battle. She also has one of the movie’s best monologues, delivering a diatribe on love and suffering impeccably.

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