15 of Susan Sarandon's Greatest Roles Ranked

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

The Beatles might say there’s nothing you can know that isn’t known, but that’s not the case with Susan Sarandon. Sarandon is one of those actresses who is so distinctive, you’d think you’d recognize her right off the bat. However, that’s not actually the case. Susan Sarandon’s greatest roles are a mix of recognizable characters and ones so good, they don’t seem like they’re a character at all. She’s also never been afraid to take on older or less glamorous roles. But then again, if you start your career with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, how could you be?

15. Atlantic City

Louis Malle’s romantic comedy Atlantic City came out in 1981. In the movie, Sarandon plays a young ingenue, Sally, who is a waitress at an Atlantic City casino. Despite her job as a waitress, she has bigger dreams of becoming a blackjack dealer. Also starring Burt Lancaster as the man she falls for, the film received six Academy Award nominations. One of which, Best Actress in a Leading Role, was for Sarandon.

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