15 Secrets You Never Knew About Criminal Minds

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 16th, 2019

In its 13th season, Criminal Minds has only become more popular and iconic with time. The show has always left viewers on the edge of their seat, biting at their nails for the next big twist. 13 years since it first aired, the show has its fair share of secrets that even the biggest fans may not even know! Here are the juiciest 15 secrets you probably never knew about Criminal Minds.

15. Dr. Reid hates technology

Dr. Spencer Reid is nothing short of a true genius. Graduating high school at the age of twelve, earning three Ph.Ds and having an eidetic memory (the ability to remember vast amounts of information in great detail), the doctor is the epitome of a brainiac. Despite his brilliance, Dr. Reid is an absolute technophobe! Doesn’t use a computer, and most definitely does not own a smartphone.

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