15 Times A Friends Character Did Something Totally Out of Character

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Friends might have ended 14 years ago, but we’ll never let go. What made the show so great was how each character had their unique personality that shone each episode. Ross was a whiner, Phoebe was kooky, Joey was dumb, Chandler was annoyingly funny, Rachel was self-involved, and Monica was a perfectionist. Most of the time they stuck to these stereotypes, but some moments made Friends fans scratch their heads over something so off character.

15. The One Where Joey Was Super Smart

Joey Tribbiani was a man of a few passions: women, food, and…food. He wasn’t all there in the smarts department which is why it was shocking to hear him come out with intelligent remarks now and then. He knew how to interpret poetry, could add up the food bill with lightning speed, and even corrected the gang on their grammar. Who knew?

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