15 Times A Supporting Character Was Better Than the Lead

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Every show has its leading character, and for the most part, they’re the one you get invested in, root for, and generally just enjoy whenever they’re on the screen. There are some exceptions to the rule though, and supporting characters who we think are way better than the leads. We’re here to prove that the main star isn’t always the brightest.

15. Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad

You’ve got to be pretty darn good to steal the spotlight away from Walter White/Heisenberg, but Jesse Pinkman managed to do it almost every episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad. The younger and somewhat troubled sidekick of WW was funny, witty, and plagued with issues which made him a fascinating character to watch. Apparently, the character was meant to be killed off after season one, but fans loved him so much the writers kept him on.

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