15 TV Characters Who Ended Up With the Wrong Person

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

There are few things more irritating than watching four, five or even ten seasons of your favorite show, only to see the wrong couple get together.  It happens more often than we allow ourselves to think. Maybe it’s just so upsetting, when the credits roll, we wipe these travesties from our memories. Let's see just how many times our favorite TV characters ended up with the totally wrong partners.

15. Pretty Little Liars

So, let’s get this straight. According to Pretty Little Liars, a show with enough victim blame in the title to send the entirety of Hollywood to a hostile workplace seminar, it’s totally fine for an adult to date a teenager. In fact, it’s more than fine, it’s… beautiful? Not buying it. When a teacher has an illegal affair with a minor, it’s called statutory rape. But, Pretty Little Liars left us with the message that that doesn’t matter… Because… He managed to exploit his victim for book sales? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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