16 Sneaky Movie Cameos by the Authors of the Book

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Some of the best movies in history all started with a book, and thanks to these imaginative authors we’ve managed to have our favorite moments realized on the big screen. A few of these authors have even transcended from literature to film themselves and done some sneaky cameos in the movie version of their book. We’ve uncovered sneaky movie cameos by the authors of the book for you to keep an eye on next time you watch, but you’ll have to look quickly as they clearly didn’t want to be seen.

16. Pet Sematary

When you write as many books-turned-movies as Stephen King, you’re bound to pop up every now and then in a sly cameo. His most memorable role was in Pet Sematary playing a minister, which he did a surprisingly good job of.

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