17 Greatest Movie Plot Twists of the 2000's

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

The popularity of thriller movies continues to increase as directors figure out how to shock audiences in unique and unforgettable ways. The art of the plot twist has never lost it’s cinematic value and always keeps viewers on their toes. These movies left audiences shaken and stirred, and their plot twists are some of the best the 21st century has seen! Prepare yourself for some serious spoiler alerts!

17. Saw - 2004

The first of the Saw franchise hit the ball out of the park with its shock value and terrifying storyline. Playing a sick sadistic game of who will live and who will die, the two men involved have no idea who has put them up to this torturous gamble. Turns out a dead body in the room with them was actually alive the entire time and was Jigsaw himself!

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