17 Worst Hollywood Casting Decisions Ever

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

We trust movie producers and casting directors to enlist the help of the most talented and well-suited actors and actresses to play roles in our favorite blockbuster flicks- but sometimes the ones we trust most do us the dirtiest. Whether it was just casting the biggest name in Hollywood for the sake of sales, or testing a seasoned actor in a new genre, these casting decisions are the worst Hollywood has ever seen!

17. Scarlet Johansson in Ghost In The Shell

A classic case of whitewashing a movie in an attempt to draw a larger audience, the casting of Scarlett Johansson as protagonist Motoko Kusanagi was a long shot from believable. Director Rupert Sanders claimed to have made the best casting decision based on talent, but fans made it known that they’d rather see a face that resembles Kusanagi’s in the manga series.

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