20 of Neil Diamond's Greatest Songs Ranked

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Mom-rock pioneer Neil Diamond has always been a hit with the ladies. However, his music is so classic that even men know their fair share of Neil Diamond's greatest songs. From "Sweet Caroline" to "Hello Again", the songwriter has been penning songs for himself and other artists for years. For example, artists such as The Monkees and Cliff Richard have had hits with songs he's written. Also, there's a good chance you know a Neil Diamond track without even knowing it. People have given him the nickname "The Jewish Elvis", and with such a killer discography, it's hard to argue.

20. Yesterday's Songs

1981’s “Yesterday’s Songs” was a massive hit in the contemporary charts; a place Neil Diamond would come to call home. It also soared into the number one spot on Billboard’s US chart, spending six weeks there. The single’s B-side, Guitar Heaven, is also a really solid track.

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