20 Top Secret Facts You'd Never Know About Supernatural

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

13 years ago the masterminds behind Supernatural breathed life into the show that would become one of the most popular and longest running TV fantasy dramas still running today. The tale of the Winchester brothers chasing demons and wreaking havoc between heaven and hell has earned the show a loyal fan base that keeps wanting more year after year. If you thought you were a big fan before, test your knowledge with these 20 secrets you probably never knew about Supernatural!

20. Creators anticipated only five years of renewal

The creative genius behind the story of the Winchester brothers Erik Kripke was never surprised that his pitch for Supernatural was a success, but he never thought it would last for much more than five seasons! Luckily he and his other writers have yet to run out of ideas and are on their 13th season!

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