7 Shocking Young and Restless Deaths

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

All daytime soap operas have a lot of twists and turns in their storylines, considering each one has five hours of content to fill every single week and also has countless cliffhangers. The Young and the Restless, the longest running soap opera on television, is no different. Characters are lying to and cheating on each other with regularity. They are embarking on ridiculous storylines that would only be believable in a soap opera where little is taken seriously. And they are also dying from time to time—probably more often than normal, outside of action or horror films. Here are seven of the most unexpected, shocking and wild deaths on the many decades of The Young and Restless.

7. Austin Traversnn

This death and overall storyline from the 2015 season of the show was a plot ripped from many different horror films over the years, only executed with the pacing and budgetary constraints of a soap opera. Abby Abbot invites Austin Travers along with Kevin, Noah, Summer, Fenmore, and Courtney along to a cabin in the woods to spend the night. Fenmore doses the punch with what is more or less a sedative that makes everyone at the party pass out after playing a game of Never Have I Ever and obviously the “Never ever have I ever killed someone” is mentioned. The next morning, when everyone wakes up, Austin is missing. The search reveals his body, dead, in the armoire and produces a whole season’s worth of storylines.

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