Bachelorette Leads Ranked 

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

For countless seasons, The Bachelorette has attracted hopelessly romantic viewers all over the country. We laughed, cried and rooted for the lady in the spotlight to find her dream man. While some went on to experience wedded bliss, others ended up jilted, heartbroken and wondering if there is someone out there for them. But one thing you can’t deny about the show it that it always left us wanting more. The phenomenon that is The Bachelorette shows no signs of slowing down as we keep tuning in for one season after another.

14. Meredith Phillips

No matter how much of a die-hard Bachelorette fan you are, chances are good that you have already forgotten about Meredith Phillips. If you do remember her, it’s probably because she successfully duped Matthew Hickl into thinking that coveted last rose would be his. Instead, she did a last-minute about-face and chose Ian McKee instead. Anyone who watched the show for more than about five minutes had already figured out these two probably weren’t going to last. The pairing of Matthew and Meredith raised eyebrows as many fans of the show started to question exactly how well its whole process works.

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