Blockbuster War Movies Based on True Stories

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Whether we’re watching from the frontlines or experiencing the battle first hand through a scope, wartime movies have a timeless effect on movie lovers. Lovers of explosive action and a dash of historical accuracy are bound to be big fans of the war movie genre. Backed by amazing true stories and unbelievable heroes and villains, these Hollywood blockbuster war movies are the best in their class.

16. Behind Enemy Lines - 2001

Based on the story of an American naval flight officer whose tragic accident lands him in the middle of the Bosnian War genocide, Behind Enemy Lines is a harrowing tale of desperation and relentless perseverance. Based on the true story of U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Scott O’Grady’s war experience in Bosnia, the brave soldier was rescued by Marines nearly a week after crash-landing.

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