Celebrities Who Only Had 15 Seconds of Fame

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Almost Famous is not only a beloved indie film from 2000 starring Kate Hudson. It also describes the countless “micro-celebrities” who were seemingly splashed all over the internet and magazines before disappearing without a trace. Often in what feels like 15 seconds. Although we will miss the one hit wonders who never quite had their big break, the celebutantes who carried tiny dogs in their purses, and the reality tv parents with questionable parenting skills, we can always look back on them fondly.

15. Psy

In the halcyon days of 2012, it was hard to imagine a time in which mobs of people weren’t dancing the pony dance to Psy’s immeasurably catchy “Gangnam Style.” Currently, the music video has over 3 billion views on YouTube. The song and music video launched a pop culture phenomenon resulting in flash mobs, Psy’s Ellen appearance, and even a Gangnam Style-inspired tweet from NASA. Unfortunately for Psy, he has yet to reach the popularity garnered by Gangnam Style. But we can hold out hope.

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