Celebrities Who Received Death Threats Because Of Their Characters

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Part of the joy of going to the movies or hopping on the couch for a TV show is the opportunity to unwind from the day and suspend disbelief. It's the chance to live vicariously through characters and feel for the decisions they make. Good or bad, they're not yours. There will always be some folks though who either don't know how to separate fiction from reality. Granted, some folks want to live in the fantasy worlds they spend time in - they cosplay, they write fanfiction. Heck, maybe we do. Other fans take it to another level when a character says or does or is cast in a role that may do something disagreeable. These poor celebs have received death threats because of their characters.

15. Devil Child Linda Blair

While hardly an ‘A-Lister’ the animal rights activist and movie star Linda Blair has had a long and semi-successful career, appearing mostly in ‘B’ horror films and the long-running and once reviled Exorcist series of films, it is not surprising her characters have attracted their share of loonies throughout her career. For the most part, these could be laughed off but after the release of Exorcist 2: The Heretic things became a little too serious. She began receiving messages from someone promising to “set her soul free.” The threats were considered grave enough the FBI became involved, and she was given Police protection.

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