Celebrity Car Crashes with Fatalities

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Driving or riding in an automobile is the most dangerous activity you do every day. In 2010, over thirty-thousand people lost their lives because they were involved in a fatal car crash. Unfortunately, many people know this to be true through personal experience and loss. Celebrities are not immune from car accidents; many are lucky with the aid of luxury safety features preventing them from serious injury. Others aren't so fortunate. This list is to remember those popular icons and remember their deaths.

15. Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras was a budding young Saint Louis Cardinal who hit three home runs in 80 games playing in the right field. Baseball America rated him as the third Prospect for the pre-season. Taveras played his last game on October 16th, 2014 which was the fifth game of the National League Championship Series. Oscar driving a Chevy Camaro and passenger Ydelia Arvelos both lost their lives when he lost control of the steering wheel and hitting a tree near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

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