Christopher Walken's 15 Most Iconic Roles

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

An iconic role is a character played in any medium that will be remembered for generations to come, whether they are the leading man or the “forever a cameo.” Born on March 31, 1943, as Robin Walken, Christopher Walken is no stranger to either of these types roles in front of both live and theater audiences. However, he seems more drawn to peekaboo roles and cameo appearances. His command of the world of entertainment ensures you can’t forget this face, no matter what role he plays, big or small. Film buffs of all ages remember him in movies spanning all genres, from his funniest monologues on “Saturday Night Live”, to one of his more sinister characters in “Seven Psychopaths.” There’s no role Christopher Walken can’t do well.

15. "Brainstorm"

Though perhaps not his most iconic role on screen, Christopher Walken’s lead role as scientist Michael Brace in the 1983 “Brainstorm” psychic drama alongside Natalie Wood would make him a person of interest to the Los Angeles Police Department when they reopened the case investigating her murder. Having been one of the last to see Natalie Wood alive, Christopher Walken would later be cleared by the LAPD. “Brainstorm” portrayed a group of scientists inventing a machine that would transcribe someone’s thoughts onto videotape. If only we could use that machine on Walken’s thoughts on Natalie Wood today!

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