Chuck Norris' Greatest Moments

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Chuck Norris is an American actor, martial artist, writer, film producer, endorser, and an internet phenomenon. Even today, this multi-talented actor is still very popular. Chuck Norris Facts never grow old. In fact, you can still see them across every social media platform. This legend is also a New York Times bestseller and writes a column for World Net Daily.

15. When he Protects The Undertaker

We all know that the Undertaker doesn’t need anyone to have his back. However, if he had to ask for help, that person would be no other than Chuck Norris. In a fight between the Undertaker and the Japanese wrestler Yokozuna in 1994 Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was defeated after the interference of several other wrestlers. A special guest was asked to make sure no interference happens. That special guest was no other than Chuck Norris! Indeed, he was successful in protecting the Undertaker.

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