Eye-Opening Secrets About "Say Yes to the Dress"

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Even if you’re nowhere near planning a wedding or have no interest in high fashion at all, you always find yourself sucked into TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. From mermaid dresses to full ball gowns, every episode delivers in all the glitz and glam you could ask for. The magic of the moment may seem genuine when happy brides finally say yes, but everything is not what it seems on set! These 20 shocking facts about Say Yes to the Dress will change the way you think of bridal reality television!

20. Brides have to audition to be on the show

Getting in front of the camera for Say Yes to the Dress isn't as easy as you may think. All brides who step in aren't automatically welcomed by Randy Fenoli and given personalized dress selections from your favorite stylists. In fact, any bride-to-be dreaming of being on the show has to fill out an application and undergo an audition process!

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