Gruesome Injuries from Hollywood's Golden Age

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

There exists an attitude in Hollywood that to get the perfect take, an actor should be willing to do just about anything. For some that meant starving yourself on a diet of apples and cigarettes to get the perfect look. Method actors are well known for becoming the person they're portraying - to the point of needing therapy to return to their real-life self. Audiences were astounded during Hollywood's Golden Age by the glitz, the glamor, and grandeur of set pieces - no longer confined to a stage many things could happen. For some, the perfect take meant a brush with near death or loss of a limb. These gruesome injuries were a part of getting the perfect shot.

15. Spartacus

Kirk Douglas was known as an intense actor, and it should be no surprise that during the filming of the 1960 classic Spartacus things got a bit out of hand. During a complex action sequence, Douglas shoved actor Charles McGraw's head into a soup cauldron - per the directions of the script, however, Douglas' timing was a bit off, and McGraw's jaw broke against the top of the pot. The show must go on, and the scene was completed before McGraw sought treatment for his injuries.

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