15 of Helen Mirren's Most Iconic Roles

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Helen Mirren is one of the most highly acclaimed actresses in the world. Her five-decade career began with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Mirren is the recipient of an Academy Award, four BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globes, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award.  Creating a list of her most iconic roles is challenging, due to her ever-growing number of performances in film as well as television productions.

15. The Long Good Friday (1982)

Named as one of the greatest British films in history, The Long Good Friday is a story of East End gang boss Harold Shand, played by Bob Hoskins, who is attempting to go legit with his business. Mirren said she wasn’t particularly impressed with the role of Shand’s girlfriend, Victoria, initially. She worked with the director to elevate the character, resulting in the evolution of what she called “an appendage” role, to one that catapulted her into the realm of a highly sought-after movie actress.

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