Jerry Lee Lewis' Greatest Hits

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Jerry Lee Lewis isn’t only on every list of rock star legends. He’s also one of the first performers whose pioneering sound and raucous behavior began a larger-than-life movement that continues today. It’s true, his charisma on stage garnered the affection of fans early on, but it’s his genuine talent that earned him a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2018, Lewis celebrated his 83rd birthday and loyal groupies are still turning the sound up on his many great hits. Lewis grew up working class in Louisiana and learned to play piano at an aunt's house as a child. Early on in Lewis' life, his father took notice of his son's talents and supported them. Lewis sang in the choir at church and enjoyed listening to popular radio shows like the Grand Ole Opry. His father's dedication eventually led him to mortgage their family’s home and farm to buy the young Lewis his first instrument.

15. Crazy Arms

Jerry Lee Lewis performed often in school plays and on stage at church as a younger kid. It’s believed his premier stage performance was at the opening of a car dealership when he was 14. Though Lewis’ first recording session didn’t happen until he was 21 years old and living in Tennessee. Lewis sang “Crazy Arms” inside Sun Records’ studio where he worked at the time. It was a cover of Ray Price’s original song by the same title. Lewis’s version was a more upbeat, edgier rendition. The song was most popular around the Memphis, TN area but was by no means a huge hit when people first heard it.

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