Jon Voight's Most Iconic Roles

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

His Hollywood career has spanned nearly 6 decades, during which time Jon Voight has gained a reputation for being among the most hard-working and gifted actors in Hollywood. Jon Voight’s ability to choose challenging scripts with poignant roles has seen him win multiple Oscar and Golden Globe awards, beginning with his iconic Midnight Cowboy role in 1969, which shot him to stardom. Since his career began in the mid-60’s, Voight has played so many iconic roles that deciding which are his best is no easy task.

15. Paul Sarone in Anaconda (1997)

This cult film was an odd role choice for Voight, who single-handedly defined the movie with his amazing performance as the formidable villain. Centered around a National Geographic film crew tracking the elusive Anaconda, the quaint special effects have not dated well, but Voight’s performance has. Anaconda was directed by and also starred Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz, and Ice Cube.

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