Liam Neeson's Last Decade of Action Movies From Worst to Best

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 16th, 2019

If it feels like they’ve released about 30 sequels to Taken, you’re not far off. Okay, it was only three, but after the first one, we could only see his daughter get kidnapped so many times. Liam Neeson has had quite a busy time during the last ten years becoming an action hero in his own right. Even though he has "a very particular set of skills... acquired over a very long career" not all of his movies have been great. We’re here to look at Liam Neeson’s last decade of action movies to see which ones flourished and which ones failed.

8. Taken 3

Everyone cringed (including Neeson) when there were rumors that we were going to see the fourth installment in the Taken franchise. Thankfully, they stopped at just three of them. Taken 3 was the third and final film that followed pretty much the same premise as the first two and was by far the worst. While speaking to Stephen Colbert on  The Late Show, Neeson was asked about the fourth movie which he replied there’s only so many times you can take someone’s daughter. “Actually if we do have another,” he said, “it will be, ‘Please can you take my daughter’?”

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