Ranking the Bachelors - From the Most Eligible to the Most Infamous

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

It's hard to believe that over 20 hunky, eligible contestants on The Bachelor have graced our small screens, but this long-running franchise still captures the hearts and dreams of millions of American women - and a few men! Which Bachelors were the hottest heartthrobs, and which ones were a "left swipe"? We're counting down the top 14 best Bachelors - the sweet guys you'd take home to mom and the ones that make you run the other way. These hunks are rated on several categories: Occupation, Personality, and Dating Ability. We've also added a few fun facts: Attractiveness and "Personal Investment" - do we actually care about them?

14. Charlie O'Connell, Season 7

Actor Jerry O'Connel's less famous twin, Charlie O'Connell, is just as handsome as Jerry, but not an actor. This Long Island party boy was fun to watch, although his "marriage material" rating is a solid 1. While the show was fun to watch, no one - not even the ladies - expected a real marriage to occur at the end of the rose ceremonies. When your Bachelor is doing body shots off multiple contestants in the first episode, you know it's going to be a crazy season. Still, Charlie is easy on the eyes and connected to a Hollywood A-lister. However, his good looks don't make up for his lack of charming, so this Prince is at the bottom of our list.

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