The Best 15 Movies Currently On Netflix

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

When it comes to watching a good movie the last thing anyone wants to do is waste time scrolling through various lists of categories on Netflix to narrow down choices on a potentially enjoyable film. Somehow we waste another ten to fifteen minutes only to later realize that this movie is not worth the time at all. While Netflix does have a broad range of movies to watch whether good or bad, we’ve decided to make things easy for movie lovers and put together a list of our favorite movies that are currently on Netflix.

15. The Conjuring (2013) 

Knowing how great Saw and Insidious were you can rest assured that director James Wan definitely brought his A game when directing this movie. Of course, if you haven’t seen those movies but love supernatural thrillers such as Paranormal Activity this one will be sure to hit home for you. Wan used his amazing directorial skills to craft together a movie which is actually based on true events, I don’t think it gets any creepier than that. The movie tells a story of a New England family who receive some not so friendly spirits as unwanted guests in their farmhouse. The Conjuring was no. 1 at the box office during the opening weekend, and its understandable why this is still a popular movie.

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