The Best Performances That Were Robbed of an Oscar

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

No, this isn’t just going to be a list dedicated to Leo (but we kind of wish it could be). The awards season can be a tricky time to navigate in Hollywood, and there are many bruised egos and upset fans when presenters open that envelope and your fave celeb misses out. Some stars have been the victims of daylight robbery when it comes to nabbing the golden statue, so we’re going to find out who copped are the best performances that were robbed of an Oscar.

12. Robert De Niro

“You talkin’ to me?” It’s the one line that everyone has probably shamefully tried to recreate looking in their mirror or standing in the shower, so you might get a case of second-hand anger for De Niro when you learn he never even got an Oscar for it. Besides being one of the most epic films ever made with one of the most stellar performances, Taxi Driver never got De Niro the golden statue even though he played a delusion psychopath that you kind of start rooting for. Talked about ripped off.

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