The Insane Net Worth of the Sex and the City Cast

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

Sex and the City can be thanked for a lot of television that is popular today. The late 90s into the early 2000s brought us Carrie Bradshaw and all of her drama. With nearly 100 episodes during its six-year run, fans could never get enough of the Manhattan tale. Luckily the actors couldn't either! Due to the immense success, while it aired and continued success after the finale, former Sex and the City stars have become unbelievably wealthy. Here is what they are worth now.

10. Evan Handler

Though Evan Handler can be found on the screens of Californication, Friends, Lost, and Six Feet Under, the actor truly made a silver screen splash while playing Harry Goldenblatt on Sex and the City. Perfectly matched with Charlotte York, Evan's character could have kissed the very earth she walked on. Fans adored seeing them paired together which eventually led to Handler becoming a staple character in every episode of the last seasons. Handler is worth a lovely $8 million these days.

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