The Longest Running Soaps of All Time

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

Soaps first aired in the 1930s and have entertained daytime audiences for more than eight decades. Proctor and Gamble, manufacturers of beauty products, were the first company to produce 15 minutes of drama with love as the central plot leading to these daytime serials becoming known as soap operas. By the 1950s soap operas became a staple on daytime television leading to a multitude of storylines and characters many of whom became audience favorites. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s longest running soap operas.

12. The Guiding Light (1937 – present)

The Guiding Light first aired in the 1937 and was originally a radio show. With more than 15000 episodes, the soap is the longest-running entertainment program in US television history. The show was originally set in the fictional town of Five Points, then Selby Flats and centered on the Bauer family. The Spauldings, Coopers, and Lewises have since taken the limelight. The show didn’t scrimp on drama and even went as far as introducing a cloned character who aged in record time.

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