The Most Insane Bachelor Contestants to Ever Appear

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

It takes a very particular type of person to decide that being a contestant on a reality TV series is a worthwhile venture; for some it's the opportunity to take maybe 5 seconds of fame and launch a career. If you've signed up and been accepted as a contestant on ABC's The Bachelor you might be searching for the sort of storybook romance that can only be delivered by a nationally televised program where your friends, family, and their neighbors get to see you air your dirty laundry. This particular type of person is likely bold, daring, and if they're looking for love more likely than not a bit insane. The Bachelor has had its fair share of bold, daring, and unique characters - we're here to celebrate the most insane.

14. Ashley Laconetti

It is not often that you hear the name Kardashian and the word virgin associated together. Somehow though, Ashley Iaconetti tried to pull it off. Declaring herself still a virgin and dubbing herself as ‘KardASHLEYian’ made many Bachelor fans scratch their heads but it was exploits like dressing up for dates she wasn’t going on and complaining about being respected too much that really played with people’s heads.

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