The Worst TV Shows of the 1980s

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 20th, 2019

The 1980s were considered a decade of excess. Perhaps nowhere was excess more apparent than on television. From the beautiful home of Angela Bower on Who's The Boss? to the four-bedroom home on Growing Pains, money never seemed to be an object. However, those were among the biggest hits of the decade. Not all was well and glamorous on television. In the worst shows of the decade, situations were sometimes very glum and sometimes utterly ridiculous. Check out how many of these bad shows you remember.

15. Life with Lucy 

The fact that Lucille Ball was in Life with Lucy automatically does elevate the series quite a bit. However, even the greatest cast in the world couldn’t have saved this train wreck of a TV series. Lucille played a grandmother who inherits her husband’s share of a hardware store, and the other co-owner of the store is a widower who was her husband’s best friend. Throw in grandchildren that include a young Jenny Lewis, and you get the basic idea of the show. It only aired for eight episodes and was canceled before several of its filmed episodes aired. It was shown from September 20 to November 15 in 1986, and viewers didn’t tune in as they did with Lucy’s mega-successful shows of the past.

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