Was Amber Heard Gold Digging Johnny Depp? 10 Questions that Make You Say Hum!

Posted in Entertainment on Jan 17th, 2019

It's been almost two years since little Texas girl Amber Heard, and erratic actor Johnny Depp parted ways. As the couple moves forward in their lives and careers, strange patterns have emerged making a person wonder, who the victim in the Heard/Depp break up was. Was Depp an unsuspecting pawn in a small city girl's plan for a rag to riches lifestyle? Or, was the love real?

10. Is Amber Heard a Gold Digger?

It seems that despite Amber having a net worth of around nine million dollars, the actress, as reported by CBS News, earned only $259,876.00 in 2015, with a take-home of $51,561 after expenses. Not exactly what a person needs to live a rich and famous lifestyle. Is this why Amber seems to be attracted to people that are older and worth millions? This Texas girl appears to have a pattern of love them and leave them.

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