10 Celebs Who Fight Back With Haters on Social Media

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

There’s nothing like the internet to gather up a bunch of anonymous people who want to say nasty things about you in the one place, and for celebrities, there are usually thousands each day to deal with. Some famous folks just let these haters words wash over them and would prefer to roll around in their piles of cash instead, while others can’t seem to let it go. We’ve rounded up these celebs who fight back with haters on social media, so you know which ones not to mess with.

10. Ariana Grande

If you’re getting sick of seeing Grande or her latest squeeze Pete Davidson all over social media, you’re not alone. The pint-sized singer has long had a history of standing up for herself against the Twitter haters, and one notable instance was when she clapped back about her break up with ex Mac Miller. Since then, we’ve also seen her go hard for Pete after someone said he had “butthole eyes” which she responded to saying it was due to an autoimmune disease. In this case, we think it’s best to leave people with their negative thoughts and go on enjoying your #1 album.

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