12 of Hollywood’s Creepiest Family Relationships

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

Hollywood is indeed no stranger to scandal or two and those weird relationship pairings that make us think WTF, but what about when the odd couple in question happens to be related? We’re here to count down the most cringe-worthy and inappropriate celebrity relationships between family members and what makes them so weird to watch.

12. Vince McMahon

Since taking over the WWE brand from his father in the 1980s, Vince McMahon went on to create some pretty out there storylines involving his own family. There were scenes he created that included having his daughter’s character sexually assaulted; he would cheat on his wife with other wrestlers as part of a sketch and had his son getting beaten and mutilated in a sick display of violence, all in the name of entertainment and a fictitious wrestling match.

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