15 Scandals and Secrets That Gwyneth Paltrow Hopes You'll Forget

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

Whether you love her for the talented actress she is or loathe her for her sometimes unusual health and wellness advice she dishes out; there's no denying that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Someone with this much Hollywood experience is bound to have a few skeletons in their closet, so we've rounded them up all for you to enjoy.

15. She Had Beef With Kate Moss

We love a good celebrity bust-up, especially when it involves two of the biggest socialites around. In 2012, Paltrow reportedly got into a fight in Mexico with supermodel Kate Moss while they were attending Sir Phillip Green's 60th birthday. Moss asked Gwyneth why she was working out and Paltrow snapped back, “So I don’t look like you when I get old.” Moss threw some chips at her and told her to eat some carbs, and the rest is history.

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