15 Weird Celeb Baby Names That Will Make You Question Their Sanity

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

Celebrities are most renowned for two things: their work and their bad decisions. If only biology knew the kind of mistakes they would make when naming their children, their kids would have dodged a bullet. There are far too many weird celeb baby names. That said, gossip columns would have nothing to talk about had Goop and Coldplay called their firstborn John Smith. So, in that case, perhaps we ought to be thanking them for their misguided judgment. At the end of the day, after all, it’s their children that have to carry their parents legacy. Until they’re old enough to change it legally, that is.

15. Bear Blu

It’s strange that when a star blows up and fades within five years, they still name their child something bizarre. Alicia Silverstone, of Clueless and Batman and Robin fame, has a son called Bear Blu. Silverstone and her unfortunately-named son hit the headlines back in 2012 for something weirder than Bear’s name. After posting a video of her pre-chewing food to give to her then-baby like a budgie, the Internet repelled. If those things aren’t enough, she’s also enforcing a vegan lifestyle on him. We bet he’s totally buggin’.

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